After my first write up on the 5 lessons learnt from the game between Uganda cranes and Ghana, a friend insisted I write another.

The first was based on analysis of the game and how I thought the different players performed. 

After the game against Egypt however I could not get myself to write. My emotions would definitely cloud my judgement and I was not about to do cover ups. So I gave it time, for the dust to settle, to get over the disappointment, to forget a few things. (Lol)

Then came Mali and yes we did it! We scored our first goal of the tournament which would end up being our only goal. I rushed to twitter to type that we had scored and as soon as I clicked send, they equalized. Well, When one of my friends on Facebook argued that it had been short-lived, I told him the lead was but not the goal. That we shall always hold dear. We shall remember for years to come. The wonderful strike by Miya from outside the 18 yard box… Had it not been for video recordings and advancement in technology, our oral tradition would have spoken of the goal as the best to ever be scored at the AFCON, by the fireplace, we would have told our grandchildren of a man who shot the ball so hard it could crack through a concrete wall…. but see how all we do now is refer to YouTube.

Yes it is us. Uganda cranes and we made it to the #AFCON17 True we didn’t win any games, but we sure won, we broke the long standing duck of never qualifying, we scored a goal, we got 1 draw.

Our boys played the biggest tournament of their careers, the Black- Yellow- Red flew high. Our Anthem was played at the AFCON. Oh yes we won!

We will be back oh Africa! We will fight our way back! We will keep working! We will be better! We won’t back down! We go cranes! we go!


Dickens Murorwa Sabiiti is the writer of these sports guest blogs. He runs a blog called Murorwa Tales but he last updated it in 2015. ( I know!)

He first posted this on his Facebook and then sent it to follow up on the first one.



Patricia Kahill

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