This is a sports guest blog by a Uganda Cranes Fan, by the names of Sabiiti Dickens.

He shares his learnt lessons from the 17th Jan 2017 #AFCON2017 first Ugandan game in Gabon, after 38 years of failure to qualify.

One of my best soccer blogs is of a guy who writes about 5 things learnt from a game. So let me give it a try. Here are the 5 things I learnt from Ghana Vs Uganda Cranes match.

1. Uganda Cranes goalkeeper, Denis Onyango is indeed the best goalkeeper on the continent. Four outstanding saves. One keeps coming to mind, against Atsu in the dying minutes of the game. I thought that was a second for Ghana. Bravo Denis, its unfortunate we conceded the penalty.

2. The team looked a little overwhelmed in the opening stages of the game. It almost felt like we respected Ghana too much. The defense was very shaky, conceding a penalty we could have avoided. We played with much more drive in the second half of the game. If we are to get a result in this competition, we will need to play like we did in the second half for a full 90 minutes for the next 2 games.

3. Our midfield pairing of Tony and Baba looked to be in good shape. The two had good control over a more experienced and technical midfield of Ghana. They controlled the game well. Tony could have done more to dictate the tempo of the game. The two will need to be at their very best in every game if we are to have a chance at the intelligent Egyptians or the very aggressive and persistent Malians.

4. We need striking options. Massa has been a faithful servant to the team. He always gives 120% Its only that the stage we are at now requires some options. At a stage in the game yesterday, we had full control of the game, the ball kept coming in and around the box but there was no real threat to the Ghana goal. Its times like those when the best sides introduce tall men to try and provide a target for the midfielders and wide players to swing the ball at. Ochaya tried several crosses into the box but many went uncontested. For now, Miya will need to give us more. Those runs in behind the defenders and shots at goal we know you are cable of. Now is the time to show the world!

5. We are the clear underdogs in the group. Our next two opponents look better organized and more direct with their play. With better defensive organization however and desire on the front foot, I believe we can put up a fight. We need to try and convert the chances we create and not allow to show too much respect to them. Yes they play in better leagues and for the best sides in Europe, we however cannot play against them like they are from Mars. Lets take the game to them like we did to Ghana in the second half.

Please leave him comments, I will share them with him.

Also I think, I will have him follow up on this post with others relating to Uganda Cranes’ performance at #AFCON2017. #MujjeTulumbe  #CranesNamutima

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  1. It never crossed my mind that i would read an article on football and like it because i prefer to watch the action. But this here, this is very insightful and i cant agree more.

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