We all have dreams,

Dreams that can move the world,

Dreams that win wars and solve world problems,

Dreams of prosperity and deliverance,

Dreams of a better world…

We are all dreamers,

We dream of better days, better lives, better everything,

Our dreams motivate us; they drive and guide us,

Our dreams are the anchor to the future we want to see, the connection between now and tomorrow,

Our dreams are our hope, our peace, our comfort, our determination, our endurance.

You dream them,

We work to achieve them.

You embarrass yourself working toward them,

You struggle for it,

We endure with you because of its importance.

And when you achieve it, It’s not no longer your own!


The father of quantum mechanics, Niels Bohr had an inspirational dream that led to his discovery of the structure of the atom.

Einstein’s principle of relativity was a dream.

Paul McCartney composed the entire melody for the hit acoustic song Yesterday in a dream.

The story of Frankenstein the world’s first science fiction novel was inspired by a vivid nightmare to Mary Shelly.

Martin Luther had a dream.

Frederick Banting’s Advances in Medicine when he created the treatment for diabetes, insulin….


The moment you start working towards achieving your dreams, they seize to be just your dreams but rather everyone else’s. Your dreams start mattering from that moment you consider them a life changer, that moment you decide, to involve others.

All the above people involved others in achieving their dreams. Mary Shelly had the first fiction novel that opened doors to the imaginations of science fiction novels, and now we have plenty of those on the market, to even movies.

No matter the size of your dream, every dream is important, every dream matters. Without selfishness, dreams bring people together to achieve a certain goal.

When your imagination aims to solve a problem and in your mind you can see vividly the solution, you are not dreaming for yourself alone, you are dreaming for all of us. Martin Luther couldn’t take racism and discrimination anymore, he visualized an America with a black president in power and all black people’s suffering ended. He motivated others with his dream and they carried it forward.

Dreams become important because they are you. Helpers join you to achieve them because of that. They take your dream and make it they own. They strive to achieve it because there is a need to see it through, it fills a gap. They know its importance to you, and the times unseen.

God doesn’t let you dreams for no reason, he is opening you to a service, to bridge gaps and encourage others. Your dreams are not yours but a gift to share with.others.

Patricia Kahill

Patricia Kahill is a multipotentialite Christian entrepreneur, Content Marketing Coach and founder of the Content Marketing agency, Kahill Insights that helps business owners create engaging and interactive content items for digital platforms with a focus on returning a desired outcome. Patricia was the producer of SlamDunk Basketball Talk a show on House of Talent online TV, a former fellow at Harvest Institute for leadership and now an assessor there, and an alumnus of the YELP class of 2017. A member of the BNI Integrity chapter and African Women Entrepreneur Cooperative. She is driven by passion and curiosity, been taking every opportunity that has been given to her with an ambition of stamping her footprint on the world.

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