There I was looking through my Pulse news and there it was an article about the most connected man alive in the world.

Mashable posted the story and it said the 45-year-old Chris Dancy has between 300 and 700 systems running at any given time, systems that capture real-time data about his life.

Now, that there is cool to watch in syfy movies but not in real life. This guy’s wrists are covered with a variety of wearable technology, including the fitness wristband tracker Fitbit and the Pebble smartwatch. He weighs himself on the Aria Wi-Fi scale, uses smartphone controlled Hue lighting at home and sleeps on a Beddit mattress cover to track his sleep reported Mashable.

Chris Dancy is known as the most connected man in the world. - Mashable
Chris Dancy is known as the most connected man in the world. – Mashable

Am crazy about Tech but this is so extreme, he said

“I started five years ago when I noticed my doctor was having a hard time keeping up with my health records. Around the same time, I worried that the work I did on the Internet could be lost if [there’s] a service shutdown. In an effort to collect this information, I started looking for ways I could gather data when I didn’t have time to write things down.”

“I’ve lost 100 pounds and learned to meditate, I’m much more aware of how I respond to life and take steps to adjust to my environment. I’ve also formed better habits thanks to the feedback I’m getting.”

“I am most passionate about feedback that is haptic — vibration or subtle environmental changes — such as lighting that changes to suggest the weather is changing. I do take days off with little to no tracking from wearables, but because I have so many systems that automatically track what I’m doing, it’s impossible to truly disconnect.”

“There are mountains of data in everything we use at home, even when it’s not ‘smart. By the end of the decade, there will not be a job on earth that hasn’t been changed by smart objects, wearable computing or personal information.”

“I feel empowered but a bit scared by the looming future of connected humans that can’t handle Facebook much less a relationship with their life data. I do think it’s urgent that people look at the data they are creating and giving away.

“So much of our value to our employers, family and peers can be used in ways to make our lives better — instead of lining the pockets of mega-institutions that want to keep our attention.”

I think we all the above, am still comfortable with what I have not to connect with you guys.

Patricia Kahill

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