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Jumia Food partnered with Monitor Publication

You no long have to move out of your home or office to buy a copy of Daily Monitor from the nearest supermarket or stand. You can now order for it online, through Jumia food. Just as you order for your food, you can now order for a copy of the Daily Monitor as well. This happened after Daily Monitor signed a partnership with Jumia Food to purchase and deliver the newspapers to its readers. Click on the subtitle above for more details.


Uber Expanded its Food delivery Service to South Africa 

Uber Technologies started its UberEats food-delivery service in South Africa on Thursday before expanding in the rest of the country and into the continent, its reported to have said by Reuters on Wednesday.

Its to start delivering meals in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa before moving across the Gauteng province and to Cape Town in 2017, Uber Operations and Logistics Manager Dave Kitley told reporters.

Uber is making an aggressive global drive into takeaway meal deliveries, gearing up with a big staff recruitment campaign to enter at least 22 more countries. UberEats already operates in six countries and will launch in Amsterdam on Thursday.

Uber launched its ride-hailing service in South Africa in 2013 and since then the service has grown to over 4,000 drivers in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

“Johannesburg was the first city in Africa to have Uber launch and based on the success of launching in Africa as well as the characteristics of Jo’burg and where we are right now in terms of our maturity it is really about testing the product and being the first city in Africa,” Kitley said.

Looks like our own African grown business Jumia, is going to have a competitor in the food delivery service in Africa.

More on partnerships;

Fezah Partners With 106.1 Jazz FM to Get Fezah Artists Regular Airplay

The entertainment booking app with more than 150 musicians and bands partnered with 106.1 Jazz Fm the home of Jazz, Blues, and Soul in Kampala, streaming internationally on www.jazzfm.co.ug. The partnership entitles the station to play at least one song by any of Fezah artists on the slot called #ChezaWithFezah, and an extended 1-hour Cheza with Fezah radio show will air every Saturday from 1pm to 2pm.
We know that radio plays a big part in how people discover music and musicians. We also know that musicians struggle to get their music played on radio. This partnership will go a long way in solving this problem. Artists that are already on platform and would like to get their music played on 106.1 Jazz FM can upload the music to their profile through fezah.com, or drop their music off at the Fezah offices. Artists that are not on platform are welcome to join at no cost.

Online violence against women rises

The use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp are reported to have increased risks of violence against women, according to the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC). Mr Medi Kaggwa, the chairman of UHRC, said cases of online violence against women had risen in 2015 and 2016.

“The commission has noted increased cases of abuse against women, especially through the Internet by stalking, sexual harassment, public shaming on social media by ex-partners and spouses,” he said during the Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa 2016 at Golf Course Hotel in Kampala on Wednesday.

Mr Kaggwa, however, did not cite any figures because of poor statistics and limited reporting on some of the abuses online where freedom of expression boundaries is blurred. Click on the subtitle above for more details.

Looking for investors in your start up business? Find out how Ensibuuko met their first investor in the link below.

How Ensibuuko met her first Investor

Ed Levinson the Executive Director of Open Angel and an active angel investor in Vancouver, BC invested in Ensibuuko first and he is still looking for startup to put capital in.

Interested in doing an online course?

“ICT Innovations for Development” online course is open, you can apply now.

ONG2.0 (http://www.ong2zero.org/en/) an online training course on ICT4D has 20 SCHOLARSHIPS available that cover all the costs and the courses duration are 6 months structured around 8 thematic Modules:
social innovation methodologies; agriculture and environment; health; education; data collection; mapping in emergencies; human rights; democracy and activism; and financial inclusion.

The course is organised completely online an in the ‘digital classes’ the lecturers and participants can see each other through webcam; they can interact and discuss through voice and chat; and they can collaboratively work in exercises, individual and in group, similar to the physical classes.

The course will be concluded with a final public Barcamp, where participants will present the Final Projects and will have the chance to win seed-funding up to 2000 euro. The seed-funding will go for the best projects who have successfully integrated, applied and/or prototypes ICTs in a real case study. Don’t miss this opportunity apply for scholarship by October 9.


There was the two day Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa conference that tackled the issues of

  • Internet freedom  which is threatened by surveillance, censorship, and hacking by an underground economy of online fraudsters and phishers,
  • the internet that is working against the normalization of online violence against women,
  • Unequal access to finance, education and tech devices are some of the obstacles many African women face to getting online. For many of those who go online, gender marginalization is common, perpetuation inequalities established offline but amplifying them through online anonymity of the perpetrators who could be located anywhere and without physical contact with the victim.
  • Researching Internet rights and Counting the cost of shutdowns alongside  release of the State of Internet Freedom in Africa 2016 report.

For more on this visit these storfied articles ;

Day 1 #FIFAfrica16 Forum On Internet Freedom in Africa 2016

Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa #FIFAfrica16 by CIPESA Day 2

While #FIFAfrica16 was happening there was also the #ZimbaSummit16 connecting women using technology to each to widen their customer base, create partnership and grow their business.

A tech NGO called

Youth for Technology Foundation is givng women and girl a helping hand. 

The Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF) has been transforming the lives of young people and women in developing countries for the past 16 years. The group works in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and, more recently, in Colombia, Latin America.

“Our mission is really to create a rich learning community where the appropriate use of technology affords opportunities for youth and women living in developing economies,” said YTF President and CEO Njideka Harry in an interview.

The latest digital training initiative targets out-of-school Nigerian girls who have survived human trafficking or are at risk of falling prey to traffickers.

Aided by professional mentors and partnerships with local businesses, YTF’s Nigeria hubs will teach literacy, numeracy, business and financial inclusion, in addition to 3-D printing and other skills. When training is done, the girls will receive certification that will help them find apprenticeships or jobs, or start their own businesses.

YTF typically targets people between the ages of 8 to 25. These young people have “long productivity cycles,” said Harry, and are the “co-creators of powerful information and communication technologies.”

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Twitter has made Moments available to everyone

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