Should Democracy come to Disruption?

Today’s disruptive businesses is win because they constantly look for ways to work smarter and improve their customers’ lives, and because they are flexible enough to do so. Because they’re born in the cloud, these companies can quickly respond to changing customer needs, whether that means rolling out a new service or app or making a major strategic pivot overnight. Unlike legacy companies, they aren’t tied down by clunky processes and systems that take months to change.

So should democracy be introduced to this kind of doing business? Because the balance of power in virtually every industry is being threatened, like;

  • The Hiltons and Marriotts of the world are losing market share to companies like AirBnB and HomeAway.
  • High street retailers and department stores are struggling to make sales while online-only competitors like ASOS fill more orders by the minute.
  • Even the food delivery industry is being taken over by upstarts like JumiaFood, UberEats and Deliveroo.
  • Netflix is taking away cable TV viewers and
  • BuzzFeed newspapers readers.

The struggle happening to established players is reflected on the young businesses who are cloud based that continue to steal their customers and, as a result, their revenue. A company might have the best product on the market, but that doesn’t matter if it can’t meet the needs and lifestyle of digital-first customers who want immediacy and convenience at the lowest possible price.

The kind democracy that is being thought is one that includes;

– Disruption for all; let all companies big or small still using the old-school approach of patching up gaps and building on an already-outdated base to keep up with the times, adopt the new way. Unless if they are willing to rebuild from the ground up, their businesses have little hope of competing and protecting their valued customer base.

– Getting the entire business on course; There is need for these businesses to build themselves around their clients customers’ needs, but the divisions that have built up between departments and IT systems are the ultimate enemy of great customer experiences. The entire company need to act and react as a cohesive whole in a digital market, and this takes a cloud-based platform.

– Levelling the playing field; It’s one thing to come up with a great idea, but unless businesses can replicate this for a growing number of customers its lifespan won’t be very long. The cloud has democratized disruption, putting established businesses with proven products and services on a level playing field with growth-starved upstarts. Ultimately, it is not size that dictates a business’ success, but rather its ideas and its ability to bring them to life.

Is your Online Banking profile safe?


With all its convenience, internet banking can sometimes have negative implications especially when your account has been hacked. Customers are always advised to be cautious when using internet banking. They need to monitor their bank accounts and always have fraud hotline contacts handy.

Banks need to be vigilant and prepared for attacks on their banking system directly. The bank owes it to its customers to ensure that systems are in place and that good practices are adopted.

Tips to prevent potential attacks

  • Avoid using public internet cafes, rather use your laptop or computer.
  • Do not access emails, click on links or websites that you do not trust.
  • Have a carefully constructed robust password, pick a unique combination.
  • Always adopt the best approach and safe guard your online banking profile.

World Wide Creative (WWC) expanded into Africa


WWC which specializes in digital product innovation and transformation as a means to increase the digital maturity of the organisations with which they work, expanded into Africa. It has created partnerships with brands operating across the continent to contribute significantly to the agency’s ability to understand and use technology relevant to the continent as a means to innovate and unlock new growth for it’s clients.

The Innovation Agency has quickly become recognised as an agency that understands a continent with very unique business challenges. This is through its partnerships with global brands and providing digital services in Ghana, Cameroon, Uganda, Zambia, Rwanda, Egypt, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

Have you heard about QwiCart?

QwiCart is a Ugandan shopping application that helps you find supermarkets near you. Start shopping directly with in the application by saving your items from all the supermarkets listed and then pay either when you collect the items, using VISA or MasterCard, on delivery or through your QwiCart wallet. If you choose on delivery, you can track your items until they reach you.

Check out the application website and download load it from Google Play-stores through this link  

Beginner’s guide to using VPN

Want to keep your information private? Looking for some extra security when browsing the internet? You may think you’re one of a million people on the internet, so why would anyone want to steal your data?

Find your answers here

Patricia Kahill

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