We have all seen where our men and women in uniform or police officers living. If you have passed thorough Naguru and other police quarters you would think the guys who stay there are not the ones who keep law and order in this city or even the country.

You have seen those huts and tins shelters that make you think we are until under the Amin regime where soldiers used to build huts in people’s compounds for shelter. I recall this from memory every time I pass by those police quarters, I was either 4 or 5 year old we had a hut that was built by military men in our compound for months, this was their shelter. They were many I think, I don’t remember correctly but do remember those very big black sauce pans and the many machine guns and grenade launchers in the compound.(story for another day)

Any way those huts remind me of times long gone and should be put in the Uganda Museum (Yes, the Museum where 40 days under 40 smiles is having a concert today 3rd July at 7pm to 11pm to raise money to build a dorm for orphaned children in Bombo, entrance is 10,000ugx or $3.5. Be there, I will be.) for culture arts remembrance.

the Living quarters in Naguru and the Nsambya residences after the fire
the Living quarters in Naguru and the Nsambya residences after the fire

Because of the poor state those shelters, homes or houses are, the Uganda Police Force (UPF) has a scheme called the SACCO-Exodus that focuses on a theme every time they meet and this time it is Mobilization, enhancement and advancement of welfare to help improve the livelihoods of the police officers.

The SACCO passed a resolution, to start a housing estate for officers and men who save with it during their two day Annual General Meeting (AGM) at UMA Conference hall Lugogo from 18th – 19th June.

The company going to build these houses is UGAVILLA Ltd which specializes in low cost housing that are believed to be affordable for the police officers.

The first phase is to begin with the two (Ugavilla and EXODUS) having acquired land in Gayaza that can put up upwards of 1000 houses ranging from 2 bedroom to four bedroom houses.There are going to be schools, health facilities and other social amenities in the estate.

The proposed Ugavilla 2 bedroom house front view and plan
The proposed Ugavilla 2 bedroom house front view and plan

So do you believe this plan will help improve the lifestyles of police officers and control some of the problems they face like the police stations in Mbuya?

Patricia Kahill

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3 thoughts on “Is the EXODUS SACCO option the best for Uganda Police Officers?”

  1. Reblogged this on ameliamarthan and commented:
    I do believe lives will change. My heart bleeds every time I see those tin houses; as I whine the stretch of the road from Ntinda, I wonder how one is ‘tinned’ in there and comes to deliver services like they do. Services to people stretching well under well illuminated and conditioned houses and/or offices, from fresh neighbourhoods and such good conditions.

    I believe it will work, but am tempted to ask, how much do they earn and what is the mode of payment for this housing?

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