Recently Apple launched its new range of iPhone 5c and iPhone 5S and the questions being asked are where is the innovation?

Everyone had a lot of expectations from the new iPhone gadgets, from the price range to appearance and technology improvement. This is because this the company that first had an MPs player, a smartphone, a touch screen tablet that everyone wanted and a notebook that we are happy to still be using. Plus all the many great innovation this company has had through the years.

The video below  byDylan Tweney Executive Editor at VentureBeat tackles the question, does the new iPhone lack innovation?


Patricia Kahill

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3 thoughts on “Does the new iPhone lack innovation?”

  1. According to me, the September 10th Apple event was basically to release the iPhone 5c. The “cheaper” iPhone to compete with Android. They released an iPhone 5S, not an iPhone 6. And from past events – since the iPhone came out in 2007, – the “S” is usually not significantly different from it’s predecessor. The 4S only had siri and a “better” camera. I’m even not sure what was added in the 3GS. And as I expected, the same almost goes for the 5S. It only has a fingerprint scanner, 64 Bit A7 chip and also comes in gold. There is no much innovation there. And I’m not disappointed, because they called it the “5S.” Had Apple called it an iPhone 6, they’d be a problem. That said, I’m expecting an iPhone 6 with the real innovation sometime in November. Or probably after Samsung releases the S5.

    NB: I’m an Apple fanatic so even though the iPhone 6 is disappointing, I’ll come up with an excuse but I’m expecting a lot from it.

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