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is committed to the safety of everyone that uses their app, riders and driver-partners alike, it is constantly bettering their safety features and offering more safety features in-app, world wide. These features have been developed to ensure safety before, during, and after every ride and Uber urges riders to make use of these for their own security.

Some of these include; Know your driver, Track the trip, Share your ETA, 24/7 support, Feedback, but there are these top safety tips for riders to make sure their trips are as secure as possible:

  • Verify your driver-partner and vehicle before getting into the car, using the in app information
  • Share your ETA and location with a friend or family member
  • Charge your phone – having a charged phone ensures you can see your driver’s details and track your trip while on the ride. If you know you cell phone is likely to die on the trip, Uber recommends you use a friend or family member’s phone to login to your Uber account to get your driver’s information and then share your ETA with a friend of loved one
  • Don’t unnecessarily share your details, Uber has implemented an anonymous contact system to ensure riders and driver-partners don’t need to share their personal information. Riders and drivers can contact each other at any time through the app.
  • Always provide detailed feedback after your trip to keep Uber updated

Standard Bank Leads in Africa with Digital Innovations

I am not sure who gives these credential to these companies if not the clients. But, let me keep my rumblings and tell you why this is making it here. This bank which is Stanbic Bank in Uganda has a Banking App which according to their press release is in high usage amongst Standard Bank’s South African and Offshore customers.

“The introduction of this app is a further step in Standard Bank’s drive to build a universal bank for its customers across the continent. As a bank that operates in 20 markets across the continent and has a deep understanding of our customers in diverse markets, we are committed to delivering services that are aimed at meeting the needs of our customers and enhancing their banking experience. Africa is our home, we drive her growth” says Mr. Vermooten.

Through this app’s single interface customers are expected to enjoy a seamless integration of their personal and business banking profiles, with a singular view of all their accounts across multiple geographies, as well as single sign-on capability from anywhere in the world – all from the convenience of their smart phone.

Tigo signs MOU with the Tanzanian Government to connect secondary schools to the internet

As part of the agreement, the Tanzanian ministry has identified and provided a list of schools without computer labs to be connected and also guide the implementation of the project with Tigo as a major sponsor in the infrastructural development of schools across the country. This includes wiring classrooms and installation of wireless LAN with internet access points.

I bet these classrooms don’t look like the one below found in Uganda.


Company Finds, Trains Technology Workers in Africa

There is this new Nigerian technology company that plans to produce some of the best software developers in the world. The company is called Andela. It performs work for large companies, most of which are in the United States. Sometimes it trains software developers programming languages and skills in a period of four years.

“Our goal is to basically train 100,000 software developers who are world class, in Africa, over the next 10 years,” said Seni Sulyman. He is the company’s director of operations.


Today announced a five-year program, SERVIR West Africa. The program is to promote the use of satellite imagery to help improve the West Africa region’s resilience; lessen negative impacts of climate change; ensure that land use management is sustainable; and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With this program, West Africa becomes part of the Global SERVIR network, which includes Eastern and Southern Africa, the Hindu-Kush Himalaya region, and the Mekong River Basin.

SERVIR West Africa will be funded by USAID and NASA and implemented by the Permanent Inter-State Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel (CILSS) subsidiary, the Agriculture, Hydrology and Meteorology (AGRHYMET) Regional Center. AGHRYMET will implement this program together with a consortium of West African partners serving the region with support from Tetra Tech, Inc. The program will help governments and other key decision-makers take advantage of publicly available satellite imagery, geospatial data and maps to make more informed decisions in four areas: food security and agriculture; water and disasters; weather and climate; and land use, coastal zones and forest management.

SERVIR has already demonstrated its usefulness in countries where it has been operating. For example, in East Africa, where climate change has altered rainfall patterns and flood cycles, SERVIR is assisting the Kenyan Department of Water Resources to improve flood forecasting. A near real-time satellite data system has been co-developed that allows government authorities to alert communities so they can prevent loss of life, property, and livelihoods caused by floods. “Via the use of SERVIR, the Sahel and West Africa regions are poised to improve reliability and timeliness of data sources. Producers, technicians, and policy-makers thank the U.S. Government for its continued support both financially and technically,” stated Dr. Djimé Adoum, Executive Director of CILSS.

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