Enjoyed the song?

I love that song, to me Maurice Kirya out did himself in it. The albino movement must have enjoyed it too. Strong message in there, making the horrific acts happening to albinos, very silly, stupid and annoying. I wish everyone killing them burns in the lake of fire.

Power to the albinos!!!

(ION Maurice has his concert on sometime next month….. Go stalk his social media channels for more details.)

No Power to the rush to see her on a motorcycle (boda boda) with no protection. Not the protection you are thinking about. If you did then you missed the title of this blog.

Boda Boda Hurry Up… Dies!

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We have lost SO many people to road accidents. This is due to poor, unskilled riding/driving styles of drivers and riders.  I have lost friends, people have lost limbs and others have got psychological problems due to the accidents they have been in or witnessed using bodas or caused by bodas.

On August 13 2013, the Guardian reported that since bodas appeared on the streets of Uganda in the 1960s (I didn’t even know bodas were here before I was born, this is something to think about), the number of boda-bodas  was estimated to be 300,000  and more operating in the capital, Kampala. That was only in 2013, and we all know the kind of economic growth the Capital City of the Pearl of Africa can have. Streets are now booming with a high growth boda business.

According to The Daily Monitor in 2015,  the number of registered boda bodas was up to 53,000 although the actual number is estimated to exceed 100,000.Do you know that the registration efforts by KCCA to have accurate figures of how many they are was halted by I don’t know who? So we don’t know who owns what bodas and how many there are in the city.

But this country…. Lord have MERCY!

According to a report by Makerere University College of Health Sciences and the department of orthopedics at Mulago, about 40% of trauma cases at the hospital are from boda-boda accidents (pdf). The treatment of injured passengers and pedestrians accounts for almost two-thirds of the hospital’s annual surgery budget.

“I do not remember what happened. The next thing I realised when I woke up was about two hours later when I was at Mulago Hospital and my legs were badly broken,” Aliya recounts. Read more here

Most people never wake up. And still we are rushing to get to our destinations with no consideration of our own safety. No helmets, no reflector jackets at nite and worst of all we never ask the hard questions.


  • Where is your helmet?
  • What about your riding permit?
  • Why do you ride with no side mirrors?
  • Why are you rushing?
  • Where is my helmet?

We have a right to tell the boda guy to

  • slow down! or
  • I will not take you because you don’t have these things (I tend to list them for the rider)

It is your life and your body, no one will protect it for you but you!

Stop the stupid deaths on the road and take matters in your own will, protect yourself.

In the above regard, if you are reading this from Uganda and need an helmet please contact The Julie Tumwesigye Foundation through me or any other person in the foundation and get yourself one. They go for as low as 80,000UgShs half face and 100,000UgShs full face.

It’s your life PROTECT it!



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  1. I love the research behind this article. Lately I mostly use Safe Boda. Usually they have all those things sorted. Imagine though, Safe Boda are almost 1000, if we were to use them as a standard, only 10% of bodas in Kampala are safe. HA

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