Do you know that there a Global funding shortages  for HIV/AIDS?

Or that there are challenges threatening ensuring treatment delays in some parts of the global?

Or what these delays means to the new recommendations that all HIV patients begin antiretroviral drug therapy as soon as they are diagnosed.

Access to lifesaving antiretroviral therapy is exactly what everyone who has a loved one suffering from this man made disease in lab diseases wants and desires alongside their patient.

But do the drugs reach the right people who need them the most? No! Even those who can afford to pay for these treatments tend to go for the free ones.

According to DEVEX, since ART’s introduction in 1996, scientists had recommended that patients wait to start the drugs until their immune systems declined below a specified, measurable point. Those recommendations were based on high drug prices and limited understanding of the long-term health impacts of therapy.

Then entered a new evidence after a few years that confirmed that earlier treatment can keep people healthier, while also reducing their risk of transmitting the disease to others, the WHO determined.

But according to the two articles below, money spent funding these treatments is running low and global governments will have to step up and invest in the treatments themselves. We all know our Uganda government, its for their stomachs while us and God beg for our share.

AIDS funding is in crisis. Who will step up?

Funding shortfall threatens ‘test and treat’ for HIV and AIDS

Who will bail out the local person?

Patricia Kahill

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