There are #52 Unidentified bodies being buried by the military on behalf of a people who woke up one morning to go and be of service to their king. Meanwhile, the name of a commander from Teso is being projected, thanks to a media house as “the one” who bombed the palace. And the same people who are quick to blindly transfer the hate are now quite.

Burnt down palace of the Rwenzururu Kingdom . Photo From BBC News.
Burnt down palace of the Rwenzururu Kingdom . Photo From BBC News.

Meanwhile, the generalization of Itesots— these live mainly in Teso sub-region in the districts of Amuria, Soroti, Kumi, Katakwi, Ngora, Serere, Pallisa, Bukedea and Kaberamaido, as well as in the districts of Tororo and Busia. They number about 3.2 million (9.6% of Uganda’s population) via Wikipedia —as bombers of the Bakonzos—these are sometimes called Bayira or Banande who are a Bantu speaking group of people settled in western Uganda and eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. In Uganda they are concentrated in Kasese, Kabarole and Bundibugyo districts. There are approximately 5 million, via —have begun including, insults from those who think you are Itesot: on the street yesterday!

Sadly, dead bodies do not defend themselves In spoken Testimonials. They would tell us what happened.

A government decided to command its soldiers to go destroy, bomb, maime and kill innocent people whose only crime is allegiance to their cultural institution and King. But if we must Pursue the hate crime personifications, can we also name all the commanders that “protected” Acholi land and Teso sub region from Kony?!

If the Monitor newspaper is being fair, I dare them to profile all these commanders, including those that led action against “insurgents” in every conflict zone of Uganda over the past thirty years. And the extent to which they did!

#52 Unidentified bodies…

Not because of a mudslideflood, earthquake or any other natural disaster, but because the government through its soldiers fatally wounded them to death with bullets. Either because they were caught in the cross fire or because they were deemed the enemy.

Never minding that they had no guns and bullets in retaliatory fire, just their lives and the odd rusty machete, bows, arrows and any other weapons that looked like it might give them a chance at defense.

Oohh Uganda, may thy Citizenry rise, and defend you, from themselves!
May the value for life rise above politics.
I will stop. Here.

Acaye Elizabeth Pamela


Acaye Elizabeth Pamela is a Renown Poet, Fashion designer who runs Kendu hearth a festival and conference which she organizes and curates under KEBU Forum the company.


Patricia Kahill

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