There were 40 restaurants to visit and I was on a mission to visit more than 5; the prices were relevantly friendly (25,000ugshs ($8.5) signature meal and 15,000ugshs ($5) Casual). I prepared my schedule and was on fire to go represent #TeamAlwaysHungry.

What my plan looked like... ( when you see it, the ty.. )
What my plan looked like… ( when you see it, the ty.. )

The Great Indian Dhaba was the first on my ‘to eat from’ list with its traditional Punjabi Dhaba Food, South Indian, and Indian Street foods such as Chaat Papri and Pani Puri; I was set. I ordered for the: South Indian: Masala Dosa, 2pcs Idli, 2pcs Maidu Vada, with chutney and Sambhar and North Indian Veg Thali: Fish, Dal Makhani, Rice, Butter Naan, Salad, Papad, Yoghurt. (No I wasn’t alone).

Fish, Dal Makhani, Rice, Butter Naan, Salad, Papad, Yoghurt... the tasty food.
Fish, Dal Makhani, Rice, Butter Naan, Salad, Papad, Yoghurt… the tasty food.

This food was delicious, enough and well presented. The waiters were kind and the ambiance was great. We enjoyed ourselves and loved it. I rated them 8 out of 10.

You see during this Restaurant Week, diners were asked to rate their restaurant experiences on the Official Restaurant Week Webpage powered by The Pearl Guide from a scale of 1 to 10 with consideration to Ambiance, Food, Service and general Amenities.

My next experience was not great. I was served cold and fewer meats on the platter which was away from what the menu said were offered. CityVille bored me during the big Savannah braai night, I promised myself to never go back there for food, maybe drinks and music. I rated them 2 out of 10.

Because of that bad experience, my hunger for meat led me to a place where platter was as promised and was delicious. Legends Bar offered me comfort and a peace of mind. The meats were promised and my #TeamAlwaysHungry tactics didn’t save me.

All meats...
All meats before eating…

I started slowly like Kipsiro on the trucks running 3000 meters, empowered that this we can conquer too and in no time my stomach couldn’t take anymore. We gave up! I and my stomach gave up. We were happy that we found food that we were unable to conquer. We rated this place 7 out of 10 because it conquered us.

The after...

For wine tasting I visited Café Mamba where Wine Maker Heinrich Kulsen from the Nederburg Wineries in South Africa was being hosted. He was scheduled to visit the 40 Participating Restaurants and offer them his expertise on making the perfect Meal – Wine Pairings for memorable dining experiences. Heinrich presided over 3 public Wine and Food Tastings at selected Kampala Restaurants in a bid to educate the public on how best to enjoy wines with food.

Wine Maker Heinrich Kulsen being interviewed by Press
Wine Maker Heinrich Kulsen being interviewed by Press

My last restaurant was La Patisserie; I don’t really remember much about what I ate there. I only remember telling myself that the food was little. Maybe it was what I ordered…

I wanted to visit the other restaurants as earlier planned but the way my wallet is set up, I was not able. Though, I am happy to know that the restaurants I had planned to visit did so well in ratings by those who went there. Yujo Japanese Restaurant emerged the highest rated restaurant with a poll of 8.3/10 from 132 voters; Seven Seas Restaurant at Kampala Sheraton, The Lawns, Mantra and Prunes Cafe Restaurant also did well in ratings.

… was the Kampala Restaurant Week (#KlaRestaurantWeek)!

~~~~The End~~~~

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