A common refrain in discussions over the future of mobile is that “eventually, all mobile apps will be iOS or Android apps.” – Hugh Durkin

MTN Uganda to slash Mobile Money rates

According to GURU8, MTN will be announcing a slash in their Mobile money rates and the new rates that will be charged for Mobile Money transactions as an early Christmas gift of sorts for the MTN customers.

The particular segments whose rates are to be slashed are the ones that have registered the highest number of transactions(About 2,000,000 transactions) giving MTN the largest revenue.

MTN customers have to wait for this announcement, because it will be coming out soon as I am hoping Airtel Uganda will also be announcing it’s own festive season packages.

Updated: The slashing press conference happened today (7th-11-2016)and details will be shared in next week’s weekly.

Finance Monitoring Technology needed by the Ministry of Finance said Frank Tumwebaze

The ministry of finance is looking for a monitoring system for the money they release, watch this Facebook Video for details.

Suspended for WiFi network name

French court handed a three-month suspension to jail sentence to a teenager who named his domestic wifi network after the Islamic State group.

The case came to court in the eastern town of Dijon after a neighbor saw the name pop up on a list of available wifi networks in July and called the police. Daesh is a widely-used Arabic acronym for Isil.

The court handed the youth a suspended jail sentence after he turned down an offer of 100 hours of community service.

Mircowave Technology

Microwave technology is a form of electromagnetic radiation with wave lengths ranging from one meter to one millimeter; with frequencies between 300 MHz (100 cm) and 300 GHz (0.1 cm).

As the long wait for fibre-to-the-business gets wearisome and begins to hamper productivity and operational effectiveness, and customers begin to move to the competition, microwave  technology is becoming a viable last mile stand-in.

It’s not always possible or desirable to put fibre in the ground. It can be costly, so there is need to be a big enough demand before operators will invest, but with Microwave technology, it works well over the short distances, provides an ideal alternative, especially as the technology has become more robust and mobile solutions make it easy for operators to ‘drive and park’ microwave equipment wherever they need it.

Microwave technologies have now been improved to mend the weaknesses of old system, including new software to auto recognise focal points and troubleshoot, and new technologies that make microwave less prone to interference.

Browsers, not apps, are the future of mobile

Senior Product Manager at Intecom Hugh Durkin wrote and said

Native apps are, of course, great at certain things. They’re great for frequent, heavy use tasks like communicating with friends, family, and colleagues – something we do multiple times a day, every day. Apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger need to access cameras, microphones, and the OS directly. So it makes sense for these types of apps to be native iOS and Android apps.

But is there really a need for any other type of app to be installed natively? The mobile web, and browsers of today, can easily take care of almost everything we want to accomplish. Let’s not forget, native mobile apps were a short-term fix for short-term connectivity problems. In a 4G, wifi-everywhere world, those problems have all but disappeared.

And remained me of an article I wrote about here (RIP Mobile Apps), saying that

the future will look more like what we’re used to seeing on our desktops and laptops than what we’ve become accustomed to on our mobile devices. Apps won’t be designed and developed for a single platform, and you won’t need to download them from a special store developers should start creating Web Apps alongside the Mobile Apps.

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Browsers, not apps, are the future of mobile

Netflix and Chill Offline

Last week, before the premiere of its new original series, The Crown, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos said that the company is looking at giving Netflix an option for offline viewing, letting it’s subscribes watch movies while not connected to the internet.

The idea will be that users of Netflix’s app will be able to download movies to watch offline. ( This is how great ideas die)

However, the company’s biggest market of the US might not be the first to receive the update. Sarandos said the shift in the company’s policy has to do with the prevalent downloading culture that’s already a part of the audience’s behavior in the 130 countries like Uganda

Connecting old USB devices to Apple’s new laptop will now cost $9

Yeah, you read that right.

I really don’t like Apple’s monopoly with it’s gadgets. To always have to spend for everything you want the phones or laptops to do, is to me robbery.

Imagine the $9 is even a slashed price for some and not all adapters usable with its new MacBook Pro laptops – which feature a new kind of USB port incompatible with many older devices. So after buying this MacBook Pro, one has to buy the adapter (dongle) to help them connect their other devices like external monitors, digital camera memory cards to the laptop.

Even Apple’s own iPhone 7 needs a dongle to connect via Lightning cable to the latest MacBook Pro models – THE JOKE OF ALL TIMES!

Galaxy S8 Display Rumored to have a 90% Screen-To-Body Ratio

The Galaxy S8 is rumored to be a big comeback for Samsung following their Galaxy Note 7 debacle; with features like an edge-to-edge display, a 4K screen resolution, a dual-lens camera, Exynos 8895 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 chipsets, a USB-C port, 6GB of RAM, an ARM Mali-G71 graphics chip and two display sizes with “edge” designs. And the Home button and the fingerprint sensor is reportedly going to be embedded under the display.

Uganda’s Top YouTube Earners

Rank YouTube Channel/User SB Score Subscribers Video Views Estimated Earnings (Monthly) Estimated Earnings (Annually)
1 Eddy Kenzo 14,731 153,711 68,112,299 $812 – $13K $9.7K – $155.8K
2 Kansiime Anne 16,712 330,252 82,010,241 $743 – $11.9K $8.9K – $142.6K
3 Bukedde Tv 16,916 79,708 106,335,710 $719 – $11.5K $8.6K – $138K
4 NTV Uganda 39,859 105,239 52,440,177 $305 – $4.9K $3.7K – $58.6K
5 Ugxtra Ugandan Music Videos 47,185 33,299 18,508,979 $232 – $3.7K $2.8K – $44.5K
6 King Kong Mc Of Uganda 60,316 20,911 8,579,820 $188 – $3K $2.3K – $36K
7 Akawungeezi 77,574 29,462 17,684,571 $151 – $2.4K $1.8K – $29K
8 NBS TV Uganda 86,762 24,378 11,586,011 $132 – $2.1K $1.6K – $25.4K
9 Zisan MultiMedia 89,876 4,369 1,790,526 $131 – $2.1K $1.6K – $25.1K
10 AmazingWorship 91,662 11,555 17,055,432 $118 – $1.9K $1.4K – $22.7K

This is according to GURU8

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