This month the Ugandan entertainment sector has seen so far some great improvement with the launch of two great innovations that will make the purchase of tickets to entertainment events very easy and flexible.

This is so impressive, I am actually glad that such things are happening in such sectors in this country. All sectors need to embrace technology like the tourism sector with the tourist card (blog for another day).

So early this month PayWay Uganda a company that develops solutions for various platforms to ensure convenience of payment for utility bill, airtime purchases; added a solution that caters for the entertainment sector mainly for those who are in the event’s planning sector, the PayWay Ticket System.

How the PayWay Solution works
How the PayWay Solution works

And then this week a well renown self- proclaimed East Africa’s biggest reggae artiste, Mr Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool launched a Gagamel card.

Bebe cool shows off the Gagamel cards that will be used on his show . Photo From Monitor
Bebe cool shows off the Gagamel cards that will be used on his show . Photo From Monitor

These two solutions are interesting, the payway solution is ideal for all ticketing environments like theaters, cinemas, seminars, concerts and sports activities convenient enough for people who use PayWay kiosks and agents, while the Gagamel card is reported to be a digital card that one buys as a ticket to Bebe Cool’s concerts. It is said the card can be used for future concert meaning you can save money on it for that.

According to reports the Gagamel card is well designed to fit in any pocket and wallet thus a convenient way to carry a ticket while the PayWay Ticket System is more bent to the needs of the events managers by handling for him all ticket payment processes through an easy-to-use interface that has a system integrated with SMS notification to consumers.

Both solutions have machines at the entrance that examine the card and receipt to be sure of it’s authenticity. For the Gagamel card, as it will be the first time for it to be used, the user will have to swipe it in the machine and more personal details will be added to it, while the Payway solution has no need for that.

All these solutions can be used again and again though the PayWay solution has no specific concert or event it facilitates but an whole round solution for everyone who hopes to host a payable event, function, occasion. The Gagamel card is only for Bebe Cool concerts though already people are asking if it likely for them to buy his music using it.

Purchasing the Gagamel cards in ongoing now at Serena Hotel where the first concert is going to take place on August 8th. I have not found any event organizer who is using the PayWay solution yet but when I do, I will update this or write about their experience in new blog.

Isn’t this exciting in a way for us Uganda tech enthusiastic who want technology integrated in all sectors?


Patricia Kahill

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