Okay am getting tired of these rumours, first it was January, now it is February.

No am not anxious or desperately waiting for this phone, no! Am still enjoying my Samsung Galaxy Mega Duos, I have not even inserted the second sim card in it yet.

So my small grievance I have not even fully enjoyed my phone or even the S4 yet and now we have an s5 to look forward too. Worst thing is others are still rooted in their S2 that they have not yet experienced the S3 performance.

According to Murtazin, Samsung’s new flagship smartphone will be announced on February 23 in Barcelona. He tweeted that the Galaxy S5 will be priced similar to the Galaxy S4 and will come with a new version of TouchWiz, the UI skin that Samsung’s Android phones feature. The phone will be available end of April, according to Murtazin.

He tweeted and said;Eldar-tweet-Galaxy-S5

Although Murtazin was the same guy who started the rumour about the January release date. So when he continued to tweet

”Samsung isn’t sure about place/date of sgs5 announcement after yesterday leak, they are thinking about London again, info will be in a few days.”

It is quite plausible since big phones such as this are released  at specialized events and not just at events where they would be overshadowed by other releases. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one device that could be perceived  as one such device which could be perceived as such. It will feature Samsung’s new TouchWiz UI. Besides this, it will feature a 64-Bit 8 Core Exynos processor, a 16-megapixel camera which works in low light, 4 GB of RAM and Android 4.4. It might also feature an eye/fingerprint scanner.

I will wait and see what happens in February.

Rumours #SMH

Patricia Kahill

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