Google Project Link cable laying. 

Google project launched last week in Kampala with a promise of improving our internet speed and experience.

According to this statement on their site, they have built the first metro fiber network in this, our city Kampala, that was limited to pre-broadband speeds.

They continue to say;

In Uganda, we also offer wholesale last-mile Wi-Fi access. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can leverage our network to bring high-quality Wi-Fi to homeowners, small businesses and mobile users on-the-go. We continue to explore opportunities for expanding Project Link Wi-Fi networks to future markets.

According to Dignited,

the new infrastructure allows local providers to use Project Link’s Wi-Fi hot zone network to offer wireless service in homes, cafes, and small business with a small transceiver device.

Google currently boasts of a network of  120 sites in the busiest parts of the Kampala city like Seroma, Shoppers Stop Plaza, Ben Kiwanuka street, and the Old Taxi Park with plans to expand in the coming year. To help keep up with the demand for wireless bandwidth, they are working with additional providers to launch similar Wi-Fi offerings.

To me and those who are internet freaks this is great! I have even used the signal once in Cafe Javas on Kampala road. Speed was excellent.


Are they going to continue digging up soil to lay their BlueRedYellowGreen Cables as their expand?

You see since the day their announced their were here, we have seen Kampala city roads pavements dug up, for them to lay these colorful cables.

One might argue that it is not their fault but rather our city authority’s who have poor planning but no! This is a tech company with great technologies, there has to be a better way than that.


Because you see Facebook two months ago came out with plans to launch internet satellites for easier accessibility especially in the less served rural areas of Africa or smaller towns, and I am sure East Africa is on that list and Kampala mainly.

But welcome ProjectLink to #MyCityMyVillage.



Patricia Kahill

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