It has become a habit that I have continuously failed to keep the day on which this blog was promised to be posted. My Sundays of late have become occupied with activities that need more attention than I thought, even when I compile most of these updated during the week, I tend to fail to push the publish icon. The resolution is to shift it to a weekday, but I rather try this on for a few Sundays and see before the change happens.

For now here is last week’s #PkTechWeekly, I will start with a suggestion to all innovators developing solutions to be implemented and adopted by communities, the ladies and gentlemen who are developing to improve people’s lives and solve problems. Can you please develop these solutions after you have fact found, after accessing the needs of the people faced with the problem you are trying to solve.

Presenting a ready finished product that is welcomed by the target market is a mood/buzz killer.  You all have great skills at identifying developing problem and their solutions but still fail to inquiry from the target if the solutions will work for them. Stop wasting your time developing apps that people will not uninstall their favorite apps for. Also why develop apps that are only installable on the phone storage instead of the SD card?

Now to the highlights;

Africa is set to Become One of the Leading Outsourcing Destinations for IT services, Says Technavio.

Africa’s distinctive business environment encourages organizations to outsource their IT function to the IT service providers in African countries. Government organizations and BFSI organizations are the early adopters of IT outsourcing services in Africa.


tech access could save women farmer’s tie in the farm,

though we all know this by now, but emphasis is needed better results.

Our neighbors in

Rwanda unveiled a tech solution for Education.

“This tool will help parents and schools to provide the best study environment for children given the high ICT penetration level in Rwanda, both in the urban and rural areas. It helps schools to communicate with parents, and also provides real time information to be used by government institutions as a measurement to guide development initiatives,” explained Olivier Karasira, the Smart Initiative chief executive.

While that was going on,

MTN Uganda launched MoKash.

And a developer called dibs on the idea, calling MTN Uganda an idea thief. Find out how another Tech writer thought about this here.


Using Airbnb in Rio’s impoverished favelas harms Brazilians.

Airbnb is facing a lot of bad publicity for not only its racist users, but now it’s connected to poverty issues in some countries.

As I conclude;


GoTV Uganda has launched a very cheap  monthly subscription fee for it’s customers on the GOtv Lite package effective 20th August 2016 which will be at UGX 5,000 per month only. More details on this next week.

Patricia Kahill

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