Underneath the truth there is a lie,

Alongside good lies the bad,

There is a left on the same lane as the right,

A wrong always creeping on the right,

The negative shoulder to shoulder with the positive,

The impossible like siblings with possible,

The darkness in the light,

The poor fence to fence with the rich,

Cold and hot hugging away,

Black holding hands with white,

Laughter and joy between sorrow and sadness,

Evil playing catch with good,

All this, is happening on our watch and we don’t care….

Racism, poverty, evil, murder, greedy, hatred, civil wars……

It is all falling apart, It is all falling apart!!!

Patricia Kahill

Patricia Kahill is a multipotentialite Christian entrepreneur, Content Marketing Coach and founder of the Content Marketing agency, Kahill Insights that helps business owners create engaging and interactive content items for digital platforms with a focus on returning a desired outcome. Patricia was the producer of SlamDunk Basketball Talk a show on House of Talent online TV, a former fellow at Harvest Institute for leadership and now an assessor there, and an alumnus of the YELP class of 2017. A member of the BNI Integrity chapter and African Women Entrepreneur Cooperative. She is driven by passion and curiosity, been taking every opportunity that has been given to her with an ambition of stamping her footprint on the world.

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