World Cup 2014 Semi Final, Germany 7 Brazil 1.

I am not a soccer fan but I follow it online, #TeamWeWatchSoccerOnline — And as always I followed this one and slept off at 3 goals zero, I knew Germany had it in the pocket.

You know those Germans and Europe as a whole have not had a team that has won the world cup for the last six world cups.

So the Germans found a better way to change this. The three times World cup winner went on to the field confident that their two years of research and training will be fruitful and they were.

Germany had done a meticulous research, prepared and trained to beat the five times world cup winner Brazil and end the dominance of Latin American teams when playing in their own region – some dreams really come true.

The Germans  had been working on a project that their entire team was built on as we all watched and saw the match. It was a team effort not a ‘pass on to Neymar and let him score.’

According to Flick before the game “to get ready for South American teams Germany has benefited from a giant database put together by a team of about 50 students at Cologne’s sport university over the last two years.”

The data base contains all the football tactics of all times, how other countries play and relate to football, how they practice and prepare. This gave a winning advantage to the Germany team.

Added to this information was the scouting reports that had detailed analyses of Brazil and their players.

The sports students in Cologne are said to have been studying in great detail the Brazil players. They collected newspaper articles, studied every player the country had ever run. They read everything about them under and made the data available to the Germany team.

I think as everything in life, we have a pattern and Germany found Brazil’s pattern, broke through it with that data and changed their name to Bra71L. They used the data to draw upon, took a closer look at the opponents and planned wisely to take down the great Latin American country.

It is said that the students used an eclectic variety of sources to chronicle things like how players react when under pressure, preferred routes, reactions to fouls, what gets under their skins and how they sprint for the ball.

Congratulations to the student researchers who are soccer enthusiasts at the Deutsche Sporthochschule Koeln who helped make history.


Patricia Kahill

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